Selle Royal Lookin Handmade

SR Lookin HandmadeThe Selle Royal Handmade heads into ‘comfort’ saddle territory – wider and heavier than the performance saddles but not by much.

The test saddle is the women’s-specific premium ‘Handmade’ model with mesh fabric insert under the sit bones and central gel insert. It’s designed for a moderate position on the bike, typical of a flat bar or hybrid. Padded but still firm rather than squishy, it has bumpers to limit damage from the cafe wall and an integrated clip system for Selle Royal’s lights and saddlebags.

Width: 181 mm
Length: 276 mm
Weight: 338 g
Use: Comfort, flat bar
Materials: Gel insert, rear bumpers; synthetic cover
Gender: Women
Rail: Manganese
Colour: Black
SR Lookin Handmade


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