Fizik Arione Donna (Kium rail)

Fizik Arione Donna testThe Arione Donna is the flattest of the three Fizik women’s saddle shapes, based on the popular men’s Arione. At 189 g (Kium rail), it’s a light race saddle with central relief channel and graduated rail, but there’s both lighter (all-carbon Donna 00 at 169 g) and heavier (manganese rail at 279 g).

Width: 147 mm (146 mm)
Length: 285 mm (283 mm)
Weight: 189 g Kium rail (228 g Kium test saddle)
Use: Road
Materials: Microtex cover, carbon-reinforced nylon shell
Gender: women
Rail: Kium
Relief: channel
Colours: black, white

Fizik Donna test side


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